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Some of My School Projects

This page is a place where I test my various projects. It's constatntly changing. Some day when this becomes a real portfolio I'll fix it to look like a proper site. For now, please forgive the appearance, or lack of appearance. It's all about having a place to put links to other projects.

David Ransier

The Yahtzee project was an exerciser in PHP programming. This game would have been better implemented in JavaScript but this was for a PHP class. I'll reimplement it when I take JavaScript in the fall of 1012.

The game is fuly implemented, and it will save a high score to your login. I don't validate the username/password, they are simply treated as an ID to attach a score to. The score is being saved in a MySQL database.

Yahtzee - Click here to view

The Stone Hill Coffeehouse project was the first real website I created. Although I've been writing software for more than 25 years, the fall of 2011 was my first real introduction to HTML/CSS.

This website looked great to me when I first created it. With a little more experience behind me I can now recognize that it has a lot of fun features, but as a commercial site it is lacking. Someday, the Coffeehouse will want a website, when that day comes I'll re-write this as a WordPress site and add that additional proffessionalism.

Stonehill Coffee House - Click here to view

The summer of 2012 I have been focusing my efforts on Adobe Flash authouring, with a little bit of ActionScript 3.0 thrown in.

Elevator Space was my first big Flash project. It was created with a combination of Motion Tweens and Keyframe animation. Finally, I exported the project to Premiere and published it to YouTube.

I hope you enjoy it and visit click the Like button on youtube.com

Elevator Space - Click here to view

Responsive Web Design Tutorial is a work in progress. For my final project in the Flash class I needed to incorporate ActionScript 3.0 into an animation. I decided to create a Responsive Web Design concept tutorial.

All of the animation is a combination of Motion Tweens and Actionscript. Now that the class is over, I will spend some time polishing this project. The major changes coming are more explanetory text for each of the major topics. I'll implement these with buttons that allow the reader to browse forward and backword through the article. I also want to add a new topic that will dicuss code examples of the Media Queries used in RWD.

Responsive Web Design Tutorial - Click here to view

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